CRE Investing: How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last?

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already shown an interest in manufactured homes, and it’s no wonder. Manufactured housing is booming, as the cost of site-built homes rises, supply shortages halt new construction and remote workers seek larger living spaces. But is a manufactured home a viable CRE investment option — I mean, there are all those unknowns to think ...

By |January 6, 2023|

Should You Invest in a Class B Industrial Building?

When purchasing an industrial building, there are three categories to choose from: Class A, Class B and Class C. While Class A industrial buildings are the nicest category, with the highest value, they are oftentimes out of reach to most investors. Class A buildings require a lot of upfront money, and they exist in a highly competitive market. For investors ...

By |November 18, 2022|

Should You Invest in a Class C Industrial Building?

When it comes to industrial real estate, buyers and investors have a few different options. Class A, B, and C industrial buildings all offer different pros and cons. Although Class C buildings are cheaper and often in worse shape than Classes A and B, they come with a number of benefits to investors. What Is a Class C Industrial Building? ...

By |November 4, 2022|

How to Buy an Apartment Complex: Multifamily Acquisition 101

There are many financial and tax benefits to investing in an apartment complex, often marketed as an “apartment community.” An understanding of the different types of apartment complexes on the market, as well as some key questions to consider, will help position an investor for a successful acquisition process. This article covers the advantages and disadvantages of investing in an ...

By |November 4, 2022|

Recently Reported: Self-Storage Performance Remains Strong

This piece by Roy Hanson was originally published on Spartan Investment Group. Twice each year, Yardi Matrix, a comprehensive market intelligence tool specializing in the self-storage sector, publishes a Self-Storage National Outlook that serves as a data-driven state of the industry for investment professionals, equity investors, lenders, developers and property owners. The Fall 2022 results are in and the punch-line ...

By |October 31, 2022|

A Guide to Investing in a Class A Industrial Building

Industrial buildings are one type of commercial real estate property, usually located outside urban areas, along major highways. Typically they are low-rise buildings categorized into four types: heavy manufacturing, light assembly, bulk warehouse and flex industrial. These buildings, which are regulated by industrial zoning laws, are also further categorized by class. There are Class A, B and C industrial buildings. ...

By |October 25, 2022|

3 Private Clubs Coming to Class A Office Space in New York

In Manhattan, we’ve seen a surge in private member’s clubs such as the Ned NoMad and Fasano Fifth Avenue in the Upper East Side. Some of these clubs are more than private restaurants and bars with VIP events, however. Now some private member’s clubs are offering office space, to get workers out of their home offices. New York developers are ...

By |October 20, 2022|

The Rise of the ‘Lifestyle Director’ in Class A Multifamily

One growing trend with luxury towers is having a lifestyle director. It’s a cross between an events manager, a luxury concierge and an in-house curator of cool. Typically lifestyle directors are known for being an activity director, which plays a key role in offering a social calendar for residents, as well as a sense of community. They are an added ...

By |October 18, 2022|

Architecture and Women in CRE: An Interview With Rachael Grochowski

Rachael Grochowski has seen it all. As the principal of RHG Architecture + Design, she has designed countless commercial spaces over the course of her long career. The Montclair, New Jersey-based architect and interior designer has worked on hospitality, retail and wellness projects, from botox clinics to cannabis dispensaries. She also designed Red Rabbit Aesthetics, founded by Jessica Henderson Rhee, ...

By |October 10, 2022|

4 Electric Car Charging Station Companies That Are Changing CRE

More electric cars are hitting the roads. According to a recent report from the International Energy Agency, sales of electric vehicles (EVs) doubled in 2021 from the previous year to a new record of 6.6 million. Nearly 10% of global car sales were electric in 2021, an increase year over year since 2019. In fact, with EVs making up roughly ...

By |October 10, 2022|


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