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Product Release Notes: 06.02.23

Deal Room updates Lev’s digital Deal Room generates a lot of buzz from borrowers, and for good reason. The ability to quickly and easily build comprehensive, well designed deal materials and then share them directly with shortlisted lenders ...

By |June 2, 2023|

Product Release Notes: 05.18.23

Match Breakdown Match Breakdown is a powerful new tool that gives you complete visibility into which lenders are the best fit for your specific property and financing requirements. Match Breakdown replaces and significantly enhances our original Match Score ...

By |May 17, 2023|

Is Office To Residential Feasible?

Every city has one. Some have many more. Drab, mostly empty class B and C office buildings that used to be full of workers who now prefer to work from home or whose companies have vacated the properties. Even Houston and Dallas, cities where ...

By |May 9, 2023|

Is the CRE Q1 forecast as gloomy as we thought?

The signals no one in commercial real estate likes to see are present. Two banks with ties to the industry collapsed. Commercial property prices are down. Tech companies, once reliable office tenants, are downsizing their footprints. Even the industrial sector, a favorite of investors ...

By |March 16, 2023|

How do senior lenders view C-PACE financing? 

What is a C-PACE loan? C-PACE, which stands for Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy, is a form of financing that allows property owners to borrow money for energy efficient, renewable energy, and resiliency property improvements and make payments via a voluntary special assessment added to ...

By |February 27, 2023|

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